6 Things to Consider to Successfully Host a Hybrid Event

It’s always event season! Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have found a way to celebrate their wins by opting for intimate celebrations. Truthfully, we would always want our loved ones to be with us when we are tying the knot or celebrating that birthday or promotion. Thankfully, the birth of Hybrid events has made it possible for guests to be a part of your event virtually via livestreaming.

6 Things to Consider to Successfully Host a Hybrid Event 1

In order to pull this off, I will be sharing a few things you need to put in place for your Live stream to run smoothly:

    Create a detailed outline of your vision for the event. This is best discussed with your Event Planner who will then involve the relevant vendors and instruct them on what to do. This is best to avoid any last-minute interruptions or complications.
    It is always best to use a professional streaming platform that can better serve your viewers. Some platforms usually have limits and cannot reach a larger audience. So take your time to discuss your streaming platform options with your Event planner.
    You may have that techy brother who you feel can help record good videos because he uses an expensive smartphone. We advise you against this. To livestream seamlessly, it is advised to get an expert who will use the right streaming camera and can deal with the necessary complexities.
  4. 6 Things to Consider to Successfully Host a Hybrid Event 2PREPARE YOUR GUESTS
    Depending on the streaming platform you opt for, links should be created and sent out to your guests at an appropriate time.
    Ensure to test the internet set up at the venue before you start livestreaming all the action. Your service provider should be one that is reliable and fast. We always advise you have someone on standby who can troubleshoot any problem with the internet connection that can affect the live stream.
    Once you have everything set up, do a test run. This is important because once you go live, it’s difficult to quickly troubleshoot and fix mistakes. This way you can identify any weak links and get the required backup before time.

6 Things to Consider to Successfully Host a Hybrid Event 3

Hope you find these tips useful, thankfully life streaming has made it possible for you to share special moments in your life with your loved ones who can’t be with you physically.
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Live Cheerfully!

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