What is more romantic than having a surprise wedding proposal?
Trust me, ladies love this! Even the less cheesy ones won’t be able to get over the thrill of getting proposed to so why not make it memorable?
Today we will be sharing exciting intimate proposal ideas that are certain to blow her mind away in these COVID times;

Get creative and plan a romantic picnic for the two of you and then pop the big question. We know just the right place for you http://www.lakowelakes.com/accommodation.aspx#cottage to achieve this with the perfect ambience.
Imagine walking to this picturesque setting, she spots a beautiful picnic laid out with a blanket, pillows, some framed favourite photographs of the two of you, a basket filled with her favourite chocolates and sweets, rose petals sprinkled around, decor and props themed to her favourite colour, a personalized proposal sign, a saxophonist to serenade her, and a photographer to capture the special moment. This is a perfect and safe proposal idea that can be done even during the current pandemic situation.
Nothing says romance like nature and fresh air, especially after being quarantined for a few months.

Intimate Proposal Ideas 1

Is she conservative and will want to experience that intimate moment alone with you? Then having a private dinner is the right option. You can get creative and set out to organize a table for two at a private room in one of her favourite restaurants, or have a private rooftop dinner proposal, and celebrate under the perfect sky. You can as well improvise by having this private dinner at home.

Intimate Proposal Ideas 2

Is your partner family orientated? Then this is the proposal for you. Imagine getting your friends and family to be a part of this proposal by holding signs and messages in front of the bride-to-be as she makes her way into the room, where her boyfriend is kneeling and waiting to propose. Trust me, this will leave her awestruck.

Intimate Proposal Ideas 3

I hope you find these ideas helpful? Remember creating beautiful memories is our forte and we can’t wait to execute the amazing designs we have been working on. We have amazing intimate event packages that might just be what you have been searching for. Engage us today, let us bring your fantasy to life.

Live cheerfully!

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