I’m excited to share today’s wedding, YAY!

Beautifully, captured in the heart of Lagos by Tehodoone Photography, this wedding was magical. Judging from the images, this wedding will certainly go down in the archives as one of my favourites because The Okonkwo’s and their guests had a swell time.

It’s always exciting to plan a wedding; words can’t rightly describe that feeling when one gets to experience a couple who are so in love and emanates these feelings in every of their daily interactions and certainly the Okonkwo’s weren’t an exception.

Meet our couple.

Meet The Okonkwo's 1


Simone is from Brazil and Chijoke is from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

While interracial marriages can be great; the wedding if not carefully planned can be exceedingly difficult, which is why we devoted our time to plan the event and come up with innovative décor designs that kept the bride and groom in high spirits throughout the wedding.

Let’s take a trip with these perfectly framed pictures.


Meet The Okonkwo's 2

Meet The Okonkwo's 3

Meet The Okonkwo's 4

Meet The Okonkwo's 5

Meet The Okonkwo's 6

Hope you enjoyed the wedding as much as we did.

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Live Cheerfully!

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