Preserving My Wedding Dress

I always wonder what happens to the wedding dress after the party is over. Do brides give it out? Or set out to start a Bridal rental company or do they preserve it to pass on to generations? Well, whatever they decide on, the most frequently asked question is; How do I preserve my wedding dress?

Preserving My Wedding Dress 1

The use of garment bags is one of the most common ways to preserve a wedding dress. It is usually affordable and comes in various sizes, colors and styles. But these bags are great for temporary storage and transportation of the dress. It does not offer a lifetime guarantee. That’s why most times you might experience yellowing or browning of the fabric, oxidation spots, mildew growth and permanent fabric creasing. When it comes to preserving your wedding dress there are three major things to take into consideration; dress budget, fabric and timing. These factors play an important role in the quality you will be receiving to ensure that your wedding dress is properly preserved.


When you think about how high preservation costs are, you might start to doubt your decision on keeping your dress as good as new. Preservation costs depend on what kind of treatment your dress is getting. A good way to avoid sudden expenses is to include the wedding dress preservation in your wedding budget. By doing this there will be no unexpected surprises.


Fabric for each wedding dress is unique and has its own characteristics thus needs to be handled with care. We have wedding dress fabrics covered in intricate lacing and beadings and others covered in mesh. Standard dry cleaning is not recommended for wedding dresses and its advised that stitching and details specialists be contacted to create a unique treatment plan to avoid damaging the delicate fabric.
Preserving My Wedding Dress 2


The most common mistake made by brides is to pack the gown with no further thought. This is more harmful than we think! There might be stains that you hadn’t noticed, for instance, white wine or other things that when dry becomes darker over time. Sadly, these stains are usually a pale yellow and can turn into dark brown if left untreated. So time is key for your wedding dress preservation! The sooner you get your dress to a specialist, the better!

I hope you find this article helpful to your decision on preserving your beautiful gown for years to come.
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