If there is one thing I love about Lagos even with the day to day stress of traffic and craziness is that weekends are always lit. There is always a reason to celebrate even for events as simple as “a new job” BOOM!!! Its partyyyyyy time. In my line of business, lately I have had lots of complaints from brides-to-be of how their bride-grooms have been driving them nuts during their wedding preparations. From these discussions I have been able to identify the different types of bride-grooms and possible ways to tame them.

    He has never struck you as an old fashioned guy but the moment you got engaged UNCLE turned into Mr. MINIMALIST. Frowning at your obsession with an ENCHANTED GARDEN themed wedding which is trendy by the way, and grimacing at the talk of a destination wedding. It’s as though he has turned into a walking, talking etiquette guide overnight.DEALING WITH IT: It is quite frustrating that your Mr. MINIMALIST wants to do everything by the book, but give him a break because most men don’t have a clue about all the cool ways you can personalize your day, so he might just need enlightening! Talk to him about your ideas, let him know you don’t have to play by the old-school rules so your day can include anything you both like.


  • LAZY
    Having a laid back attitude to wedding planning is an understatement. He is more than happy to ignore any request for help or input towards the success of the big day. Try to get him to organize a suit shopping day with his Grooms men and he will say “I’ll do it later”. Ask for a simple opinion on décor element preference and he is indifferent Arghhhhhh!!!!DEALING WITH IT: More often than not, Mr. lazy is a bit clueless to how much effort goes into planning a wedding. Sit him down, talk honestly with him and he will soon realize it is not a one-person job. Ease him into the flow with things he would enjoy like choice of music………then hit him with the bigger jobs.


  • THE PARTY FREAKThe Big Day Palava 1Ever since he put the ring on it…. He has been a chatter box about the wedding. Specifically, about how much of an EPIC party it’s going to be and how he is charged with the responsibility of getting the BOOZE and organizing the DJ, and tales of the after party etc…… You can’t fault his enthusiasm, but it almost feels as though getting married is just an excuse to throw a lot of cash at a booze filled day for him and his mates.
    : Gently remind DISCO MIKE that you want to make sure everyone feels welcome on that day because Grandma might not be up for that third shot of Tequila at 5pm, so to go easy on the drink and nip any rowdiness in the bud. Try to also get him involved in the more sentimental aspects of the day so he remembers what is really important.


    Never one to be the Centre of attention, this upcoming event has turned him into a nervous wreck. The thought of the many photos to be taken on that day makes him breakout into a cold sweat and the poor guy is headed to wedding meltdown. Rest assured that he wants to marry you, but all the fuss is starting to bring him out in hives….DEALING WITH IT: It is most important to plan your day to suit both of you. If indeed he is freaking out about all the attention, be sensitive to this. Perhaps it is good to keep guest numbers for the day quite low because no one wants a HIVEY groom.


    The Big Day Palava 2
    Planning your day has unleashed a monster, met the GROOMZILLA, he is most likely to be furiously typing off an email to your wedding planner about how he is leaning towards Rose gold rather than gold for the drapes and he has decided on having flowers all over the place rather than lights and crystals as agreed few hours back……Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!DEALING WITH IT: it is great that he feels involved, but no one should be losing sleep over the different shade of the color GREEN. Schedule in fun, pressure-free time to talk through ideas together. If that doesn’t help, tell his friends about his over inference and the will talk him back to reality.


GUESS WHAT? Best way in dealing with the various types of grooms is by getting yourself an efficient wedding planner…*wink*…..

Live creatively.


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