Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Wedding Party Gift Ideas 1

Congratulations! You have found the love of your life, but you still need your amazing friends to stand by your side during your big day, as they are no doubt happy and willing to sacrifice much for you to have the best experience on your wedding day.

Even though it is not mandatory to give gifts to your bridal party, gifting your bridal party is a sweet gesture that shows appreciation for all their help in the wedding planning process. We know there is nothing wrong with the traditional wedding souvenirs that will be distributed to all the guests, but you might want the gifts you give your bridal party to be personalized.

Today, whether you are looking for a sentimental gift or something a little more fun, we have a host of ideas for thanking the guys and girls of your bridal party. So, let’s get gifting!


This is a perfect gift for your bridesmaid which can help coordinate their looks on your wedding day and be a gift they will cherish for years to come. Depending on the look you are going for, you can make a statement with standout baubles and dangling earrings or go for a subtle look with matching necklaces and bracelets.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas 2

Personalized Wedding Socks

Just think of how fun it will be to have all the grooms men wearing themed socks on your wedding day. Not only will your grooms men appreciate feeling comfortable on the dance floor in their pair of flashy socks, but they will also love the pictures of their coordinated accessories.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas 3

Beauty Items

This can include skincare or makeup. You can create a cute, personalized gift boxes with the name of each of the bridesmaid on it then fill up the boxes with beauty items of your choice. Not only can these items be used on your wedding day, but they will continue to use them afterwards.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas 4

Bar Kit

Most people won’t splurge on this but if they have it, they will find it useful. This gift is perfect for the grooms men, and you can even include some booze in it if the budget allows. The items you can include in the kit are; Cocktail strainer, bar spoon, muddler, shaker sets, glasses. This kit will enable them to mix up drinks for themselves at home.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas 5


This will come in handy if you are having an outdoor party because we are certain photographers will place their stand opposite the sun in need of a perfect view and as such your bridal party will be looking right into the rays. Your wedding party will appreciate this gift. You can pick sunglasses that match the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses and grooms men’s tuxedos.

Wedding Sneakers

Wearing heels for the entire day is far from comfortable for the bridesmaid so why not customize sneakers with embellishments for your bridal party. You can add beads, stones, lace or use decorative ribbons as laces.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas 6

DIY Gifts

DIY gifts are sure to make your wedding party feel loved on your special day. You can get creative and make it meaningful for your friends. It can be a home-made scented candle, or a superhero T-shirt.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas 7

No matter which of the items you pick on this list, one thing is for sure – they will be loved and used. We hope these tips will make the shopping process easy and delightful.
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