When the questions won’t stop coming

When is the big date?
Can my mother-in-law tag along for the wedding?
Have you picked a venue yet?
It’s been barely 12 hours after Tunde popped the big question that got him a resounding ‘’YES’’ and Bimpe’s phone won’t stop beeping from unending congratulatory messages from friends and the questions about the wedding preparation trust me are endless arrrrrrrrgh! She can hardly breathe.

When the questions won't stop coming 1

It is amazing how many questions you get asked when you’re engaged. And no matter how many times you repeat yourself, the same questions keep coming.

If the constant wedding questions by friends, family, co-workers and seemingly everyone else are driving you insane I have some news for you: you’re not alone.

From our years of expertise as a wedding event planner, we have had Brides and Grooms complain about these unending questions, in their words.

Even my co-workers want to be involved in my wedding planning process”

As a planner we are daily bombarded with an onslaught of questions while they are seemingly harmless, and often a way to just “chat and get excited” we know how these questions add up.

Even with a small guest list, daily questions might never end. While weddings are exciting & supposed to be fun, we all know the potential stress-inducing toll. Just because you’re engaged, it doesn’t mean you want to talk about wedding logistics 24/7.

So today, we have some seriously crucial advice to help limit the number of questions you’re receiving so you don’t go mad:


Create response templates so you don’t waste time (and your sanity) answering the same questions over and over. Below are a couple of common question template responses that you’re welcome to tweak to your choosing!

Can I bring a date?
We wish we could give everyone a plus one, but our venue has a limit on guests. So, you can only if your date is named on your invitation.

Can I bring my kids?
We love your kids! But we’re throwing an adult-only affair.


If you have a family member or friend who seems to pop in every day with wedding talk & questions, it’s time to be open about your boundaries.

Let the person know how you feel. Maybe you’re stressed out with wedding planning, work, other normal things in life and don’t want to have to answer wedding questions constantly. Let them know you’re happy to answer their questions but that you need some “wedding talk time off”.

When the questions won't stop coming 2



For couples who opt for creating a wedding website, you can have a designated coordinator responding to questions and queries. For some, a WhatsApp group can be created with the necessary parties who have questions daily. This way you are relieved of the wedding planning question stress.

When the questions won't stop coming 3

Hope you had fun reading. Remember to engage our planning/coordination services so we can take the stress off you. Also follow us on our social media platforms, we look forward to your likes, comments, shares and save.

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