Outdoor Weddings; The New Trend

Emotions are high at this outdoor ceremony and tent wedding reception that you might be tempted to grab your nearest and dearest for a hug. Everyone is so overjoyed for the couple sharing special moments, walking down the aisle, courtyard congratulations and laughter laden speeches. And the most special thing of all is this beautiful wedding took place at the Lakowe Golf Course.

Outdoor Weddings; The New Trend 1

No doubt indoor weddings have their own unique appeal; but we are big fans of outdoor weddings for several reasons. From the natural light to work with as photographers, the love of fresh air, stunning sunsets and overall welcoming feeling an outdoor setting provides. However, planning a wedding out in nature can often have a few specific challenges that ought to be considered in advance of your big day and trust us to share tidbits of advice about hosting an outdoor wedding.


Discuss the outdoor setting with each of your wedding vendors because as professionals they will advise you on proper equipment, help schedule timeline and also offer insight on coming up with a great backup weather plan. The photographer will know if the sun is favorable in the specific area you want the ceremony to hold. He will also know how to use technology to track the sun which will improve your photos. You would also need to discuss the type of shots you want i.e sunset shots etc. so you can be better advised on the length of the ceremony.

Outdoor Weddings; The New Trend 2


This is important for any outdoor event especially during the hot and sunny weather in Nigeria. Guests during the ceremony will feel a lot comfortable if there are shaded areas with a decent amount of trees and also less worried about getting sunburned. The upside about this shade is that it will keep harsh sunlight from creating unflattering shadows in all your pictures. I bet no couple would like photographs with squinty eyes.

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Experience had taught us to always have a backup weather plan no matter the time of the year we are celebrating a wedding. It is always best to plan a backup in case of rain. If you are a couple set to have an outdoor wedding without a backup indoor option, a great plan to remain outdoor may be erecting a quality marquee. It’s best to consider outdoor venues that offer emergency backup options (indoor/outdoor ) that are fully ready to accommodate sudden changes in weather.


There is a reason why we ask brides to be (who patronize our sister company – wedding gowns) @avantgardeby_er about the venue of their wedding before trying out a dress. If you are having an outdoor wedding during a cold weather and you plan on wearing a strapless dress, you may have to consider other options or a compromise to ensure you will be able to stay warm. The same applies during hot weather: avoid long sleeved dresses and consider shorter dresses. And if you and your bridesmaids will be wearing heels, get Heel stoppers to keep your heels from sinking in the grass.


Be certain to tell all your guests that the wedding will be held outside. This should be indicated on the invitation cards or via your wedding websites if you have any. This will serve as a guide on the appropriate outfit to wear which is dependent on the weather for the location and the time of the year.

Outdoor Weddings; The New Trend 4


Often times, decor for an outdoor wedding is overlooked until last minute. If you are opting for fresh floral arrangements, ensure that centerpieces and other floral decor shouldn’t be out in harsh sunlight or heat or extremely cold weather for too long before the ceremony begins. If you are using name tags or table numbers for sitting arrangements, ensure it is weighted down because wind can come at any time and blow them off the tables.


An outdoor cocktail area is essential, it serves as a holding area to delay guests who come earlier than expected and also gives a platform to network. If you are getting married in a colder season of the year, you can offer hot tea or coffee before the ceremony starts. Or offer ice water or chilled cocktails during hot weather. It’s not only a nice gesture but it will keep your guests comfortable and less irritable while you say your vows.


Get a permit from the venue manager and have a professional company come and spray the place a few days to the ceremony to keep the pests at bay. You can also insist on having individual containers of bug spray at hand because you never know when it might come in handy.

Outdoor Weddings; The New Trend 5

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